Property administration

In Finques Sant Celoni we find a global real estate service, being one of these services the administration of properties, as much at particular level (vertical property) as at community level (horizontal property).

Since 1992 we have a registered property administrator (Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Barcelona - Lleida), and we manage from a rented apartment, community properties, urbanisations, municipal markets…

Vertical owners

Within this service is managed in vertical property, from getting a tenant with guaranteed payment of licenses, to the collection of licenses, such as resolving all incidents that occur, having a wide network of professionals who can resolve anomalies, as well as legal advice throughout the leasing process.


Horizontal Property

To make the horizontal property (Communities of Proprietors), all the own works of an administrator of property, already typified in the Civil Code, must be made, sent in summary the following ones:

  • Legal advice to the Community
  • Custody of the Community’s documentation
  • To attend to the payment of invoices and to set up the means for their realization.
  • To carry out an annual economic, accounting and budgetary study at the cost of the Board.
  • To carry out a forecast of expenses for the next fiscal year.
  • To take care of the maintenance of the building


Aware of the problems that represent the delinquency in the communities of owners, we collaborate with a prestigious law firm so that the costs of lawyer in the proceedings against the debtors are free for the Community.

Guarantee of Professionalism

Do not leave the management of your property in the hands of anyone, trust in the only recognized professionals to carry out this management, the Administrators of Property, who have a recognized reputation and guarantee the good work.

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